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Latest from the Hope program

  • Aaron, who is thirteen years old, has been in the Hope program for 4 years. He recently took an evaluation test and scored as high as someone graduating college!
  • Nathan, six years old, used to be terrified of water. Mom tells us he recently got into a tub of water, then later got into a pool. She also says he has grown taller, feeds himself and has even memorized the alphabet and several words and songs! Nathan has been engaging in social conversations, completed a 24 piece puzzle and can set the table for dinner all by himself!
  • Custer, nineteen years old, recently graduated high school. He’s now entering college and doing well. Custer participated in the Hope program for seven years.
  • Isabella has also been in the program for seven years. She’s now twelve years old and is doing very well. Mom says Isabella is very athletic now and super healthy.
  • Abby is nine years old now. Mom says that Abby has recently learned how to ride a bike!
  • Anthony, ten years old, has been in the Hope program for four years. His parents say his immune system seems to be improving and is able to perform normal activities. 
  • Isaiah is eight years old now and has participated in the Hope program for four years. Mom says she is seeing big improvements and his immune system seems strong.
  • Johnathan has been in the Hope program for six years and is fourteen years old. His parents say he continues to do well and is very calm.

Latest from the Blessing program

Our Blessing team has been busy working on getting everything ready to ship a second shipment of

whole food nutrition

to Vamos Mexico, where we support the nutritional needs of 5,000 children.

More than 1,000 children in Romania will soon be receiving

whole food nutrition

for the first time! Since 2009, we’ve supported these children on a daily basis with proper nutritional support through our Spare Change for Real Change campaign.

We’re extremely excited about the new partnerships we are making around the world to battle malnutrition. As we posted earlier this month, more than 160,000 servings of

whole food nutrition

 powder were provided to 1,050 children in The Philippines. Soon, we’ll be providing

whole food nutrition

to 1,700 children in Honduras, 3,000 children in Guatemala and more than 900 children in South Africa.

Although many may not realize it, children in the United States are also exposed to the devastating effects of undernourishment. Earlier this week, we partnered with Deedra Walker to provide enough

whole food nutrition

 for two months that will support more than 100 children in a summer program called Essence of Fitness in McKinney, Texas. Earlier this week, we sent over a team to help serve food with

whole food nutrition

r and help out with games and fun for the kids. It was an incredible experience and we’re so happy we could help impact children in our community. As you can see in the photos below, it was a ton of fun!