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This donation program will provide amazing immune support to children in need. In return for your donation, you will receive a gift of the same advanced immune optimizing technology for yourself or your family.

This donation package includes:

4,000 servings  (30 days) of the Hope Boost Immune Support for 136 children and a gift of (4) 112 capsule bottles of Immune Support shipped to you. Shipping is included for continental US residents.

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What exactly is the Impact 4000 Program?

After seeing the impact of our Acemannan products on the world’s most medically fragile children, we were overrun with requests from our donor base. We have now developed a unique donation platform to make this fantastic immune optimizing discovery (Acemannan) available to children and families worldwide.

It’s called Impact 4000 and provides 136 children a month with 4,000 servings of Acemannan advanced immune support. Turning on your immune system can be a life-transforming event. There is nothing like Acemannan in modern medicine, yet it will not interfere with any type of medication you may receive. And by choosing to help the children, we will send you an entire month’s supply of Advanced Immune Support as a gift. This can be for you or someone in your family who may be struggling with health concerns.

There is no limit on the number of donations you can make. For each additional Impact 4000 donation, you will provide immune support for 136 more children each month, and we will send you an extra bottle of Advanced Immune Support.

So, Acemannan provides your best solution, whether your goal is better protection or faster recovery. And by simply choosing to help yourself, you can help us change the world 145 million daily servings of Acemannan have been provided to children in over 90 countries of the world.

Hope Boost

Hope Boost provides a nutrient-rich composition of whole food vitamins and minerals at standardized and nutritionally effective levels for children. This whole food-based nutritional solution can help turn anything a child is fed into one of the most nourishing meals they will ever eat


HOPE Boost is a nutritional-dense Alovéa AE™ infused powered blend that can easily be added to any type of meal, turning whatever these children have to eat, into the most nourishing meal they’ll ever eat.

In areas of the world where access to health care is either deficient or nonexistent, the activation of a child’s immune system has proven to be one of the most effective strategies for saving lives.

Each serving of HOPE Boost supplies an efficacious level of Alovéa Immūn™*. The Acemannan is blended into a powdered base of stabilized Rice Bran, one of nature’s most nutritionally dense food ingredients. This is the optional delivery system to support children around the world. As caregivers, simply add HOPE Boost to any available food, thus providing life-changing nutritional support.


Why Advanced Immune Support?

Malnourishment, Poor Sanitation, Toxicity, and Stress are significant contributors to Immunodeficiency. When children’s immune systems are compromised, they become highly susceptible to every kind of infection and disease. A common cold can easily become pneumonia, and bacterial or viral infection exposure can become deadly. Over 7 million children a year now die of preventable diseases and infections. In areas of the world where modern medicine, good food, and living conditions are in short supply, turning on a child’s immune system can be the difference between life and death. Acemannan is nature’s most powerful immune optimizing molecule. The results of Acemannan nutritional support have provided unprecedented quality of life improvements to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Children can now have access to this new Acemannan product to strengthen their immune systems.

Your Gift

Immune Support for You!


Advanced Aloe Technology for Immune Modulation Support

Immune Support is the state-of-the-art Aloe Vera inner leaf gel powder containing the industry’s highest standardized levels of Aloe Vera’s most bio-active ingredient called Acemannan. Immune Support, developed specifically for MannaRelief as advanced technology, contains the industry’s highest levels of Acemannan and its most beneficial fractions. Immune Support combines the best standards of care with the best technology to achieve the best patient outcomes.

30-day supply for four (4) people or a 120-day supply for one person: 4 bottles @ 112 capsules each.

There is no limit on the number of donations you can make.  For each additional Impact 4000 donation, you will provide immune support for 136 more children each month, and we will send you four extra bottles of Advanced Immune Support.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits?

The Benefits are:

ImmūnTM contains Alovéa AE, a proprietary Aloe vera inner leaf gel extract containing the highest level of immune-modulating fractions of Acemannan.

Immūn helps the body balance immune response by:

  • Offering optimal immune effectiveness
  • Promoting healthy aging

Acemannan has been shown to activate the body’s front lines of defense against:

  • Foreign invaders (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites)
  • Diseased cells

Age & Health Restrictions?

There are no are or health restrictions, however, if you are under the care of a physician, please consult with them first.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, but if the child is under the care of a physician, please consult with them first.

What are the ingredients?

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Stabilized rice bran, sunflower lecithin, vegetable capsules.
SUGGESTED USE: Take 1 capsule twice daily with 8oz of water.
BROCHURE: Download the PDF Fact Sheet

Do I need to create an account?

One-time donations do not need an account and checkout as a Guest unless you would like to:

  • Check order status
  • Update billing/shipping information
  • Change or cancel your monthly subscriptions
  • Place a reorder (checkout is prefilled out for you)

If placing a monthly donation you must have an account.

Why do you need my email?

  • To receive an order confirmation receipt
  • To receive your shipment tracking number
  • To receive subscription emails (if selected)

Shipping Restrictions

Shipping is only included for US residents with in the low 48 states (not Hawaii, Alaska, or US Territories). USPS shipping outside the continental US will be calculated at checkout.

What is the shipping time?

Shipping is through USPS First Call Mail and can vary from state to state but Small Packages usually take 2–5 Business Days. Once your order is shipped, a tracking number will be sent to the email you provided when ordering.

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