Food is Not Enough

Enriched grain-based cereals donated annually to fight global hunger are too nutritionally deficient to overcome the compromising effects of malnutrition and poor sanitation these children face.

Just $25 provides 250 servings of Mighty Milk for malnourished children.

Join our mission to help children all over the world

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Every donation of $50.00 will provide 500 daily servings of Mighty Milk advanced immune support.

Improving Children's Lives with Mighty Milk

Mighty Milk is the response to a social cause that MannaRelief proposes with the primary purpose of providing advanced nutritional support to the world’s most vulnerable and fragile children.

Join Our Mission to Provide Children all Over the
World with Advanced Immune Nutritional Support!

Since 1999 we have provided 150,000,000 servings of nutrition in 90 countries.

Mighty Health Through Mighty Milk

The US donates over 2 billion dollars worth of enriched grain-based cereals every year to fight global hunger. The Problem? These cereals, while providing temporary relief from hunger, are too nutritionally deficient to overcome the compromising effects of malnutrition and poor sanitation. 7 million children die each year of immune deficiency-related diseases.

Our solution? Mighty Milk! This powdered whole milk product contains healthy levels of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals and is supercharged with nature’s most powerful immune optimizing molecule called Acemannan.  Extracted and stabilized from the gel of the aloe vera plant, over 200 million dollars have been spent on validating the unique mechanism of action that Acemannan provides to the human immune system. No other plant extract or drug has ever been shown to provide the level of immune support provided by Acemannan.

MannaRelief has been given the exclusive rights to the most potent Acemannan extract to meet the needs of the world’s most vulnerable, medically fragile children. The impact has been nothing short of miraculous.

Meet Sam Caster
Co-founder of MannaRelief

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Global Reach - Established distribution

MannaRelief started with one orphanage in Romania. Now with thousands of people around the world joining together, we’re addressing the problem of malnutrition for children everywhere.

Each year, 7 million children die from Immune Deficiency related diseases.
That’s one child every 4.5 seconds!