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Give Where Most Needed

MannaRelief designed the Hope program to provide the best integrative health support for children under the age of 26 who are currently under a doctor’s care.

Combining the best conventional medical practices with nutritional supplements designed to support the body’s normal functions for repair and the regeneration of healthy cells can produce the most tangible benefits for the patient.

More than 10,000 children have participated in MannaRelief’s Hope Program!

At the core of our strategy for integrative health is nature’s most powerful immune-optimizing plant extract called Acemannan. Acemannan’s are stabilized aloe vera polysaccharides that support the body’s normal recovery processes.

Why Advanced Immune Support?

Malnourishment, Poor Sanitation, Toxicity, and Stress are all major contributors to Immunodeficiency. When children’s immune systems are compromised they become highly susceptible to every kind of infection and disease. A common cold can easily become pneumonia, and exposure to a bacterial or viral infection can become deadly. Over 7 million children a year now die of preventable diseases and infections. In areas of the world where modern medicine good food and living conditions are in short supply, turning on a child’s immune system can be the difference between life and death. Acemannan is nature’s most powerful immune-optimizing molecule. The results of Acemannan nutritional support have provided unprecedented quality of life improvements to the world’s most vulnerable children.

Children can now have access to this new Acemannan product in order to strengthen their immune systems.

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