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The Blessing program was designed to provide advanced
nutritional support to the world’s most malnourished children.

Getting proper and sufficient nutrients in the first few years of life
is critical for proper childhood development. Up to one half of all
childhood deaths in the world are related to malnutrition.1 Global
relief organizations like Doctors Without Borders have called for
the development of nutritionally dense, ready-to-use food products
to supply to children in need.

Recent advancements in hydroponically grown vegetables are an
example of how modern science can provide new sources of
standardized, plant-sourced nutrients that can help children get
nutritionally effective levels of essential vitamins and minerals from
real food sources.

The Blessing program has impacted more than 100,000 children.

MannaRelief has partnered with Mannatech, Incorporated, the developer of Real Food Technology® solutions, to distribute a ready-to-use, nutrient-packed complex, called PhytoBlend™ powder.

PhytoBlend powder can help provide children with their daily essential nutritional needs, with the use of vitamin and mineral ingredients based on Real Food Technology solutions.

PhytoBlend powder has already impacted thousands of children’s lives across the globe, and caregivers are taking notice. They have come to realize the difference between just feeding children and actually nourishing them.

Finding decent, edible food for all three meals of the day for dozens of children at a time is hard enough. Making those meals nutritious and healthy for the human body is an even more challenging task. Not anymore. With PhytoBlend powder, caregivers can simply add one serving (a quarter teaspoon) to any cooked meal to provide children with the nutrient support their bodies require. PhytoBlend powder can help turn anything a child eats into one of the healthiest foods they’ll ever eat.

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Through the Blessing program, nutritional support is delivered via mission trips, direct shipments, container drops, and by partnering with more than 800 organizations around the world.

Shipping is available to any address in the United States and Canada. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Please note that rush orders and overseas shipping will incur additional shipping costs.

For international shipments, the minimum size is 1 cubic meter. Often, MannaRelief can ship directly at no additional cost, however, circumstances differ for each country and additional charges may apply. For information on a particular country, please call us at 817-557-8700 or email and a representative will be happy to assist you.


Know of an orphanage or organization that can benefit from proper nutritional support? Enroll them today!

Apply Online >Download PDF >

You can also call us at 817-557-8700 and a Blessing
representative will assist you.


Help provide undernourished children with the nutritional support they need to thrive.

Sponsoring a specific organzation and don’t remember their ID? Call us at 817-557-8700 and a representative will assist you.



All active organizations participating in the Blessing program must submit a progress report every six months. Photos of the children are also encouraged.

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Download brochures and other materials designed to promote the Blessing program and help fundraise for organizations in need of sponsorship.

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1The New York Times, Vol. 172 No. 22, December 1, 2008.
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