Serving Those in Need

Mexico 2012


We traveled to Mexico with a team of volunteers to tour the facilities of Vamos México. Children under the care of Vamos México have been receiving our nutrient dense Whole Food Nutrition since 2010 and we were incredibly amazed to see and hear their stories.

Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador

Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador

Since 2011, we committed to provide 6,000 children in El Salvador with Whole Food Nutrition through our partner Convoy of Hope. In September, we went to visit to see how adding essential vitamins and minerals into their diets has improved their quality of life.

We believe in the future of El Salvador’s children and we greatly appreciate our partnership with Convoy of Hope to distribute proper nutrition across the country.

Providing Whole Food Nutrition with Essence of Fitness

Providing PhytoBlend powder with Essence of Fitness

Although many may not realize it, children in the United States are also exposed to the devastating effects of undernourishment. On July 19th, we partnered with Deedra Walker to provide enough Whole Food Nutrition for two months that will support more than 100 children in a summer program called Essence of Fitness in McKinney, Texas. We sent over a team to help serve food with Whole Food Nutrition and to help out with games and fun for the kids. It was an incredible experience and we’re so happy we could help impact children in our community.

Making Connections in Guatemala

Making Connections in Guatemala

Sam Caster went to Guatemala with Trey McAlister of RU4 Children to tour the region and make new connections to help Guatemala’s children battling malnutrition. Guatemala has the highest malnutrition rate in the world. Sam introduced Whole Food Nutrition, the only solution designed specifically to fight childhood malnutrition.

MannaRelief & Vamos México Press Conference

MannaRelief & Vamos México December 7 Press Conference

At a December 7 press conference outside the Vicente Fox Center in Guanajuato, Mexico, founder Sam Caster with former Mexican President Vicente Fox and Marta Sahagún de Fox announced a strategic partnership between MannaRelief and Vamos México. The partnership will bring proper nutrition to 5,000 children in 52 orphanages across four different Mexican states.

Dallas Festival

2010 Festival

MannaRelief in Dallas at an International event.

Vamos México Tour with Sam Caster

Vamos México Tour with Sam Caster

Founder Sam Caster tours Vamos México Orphanages to show them how they can use Whole Food Nutrition to provide nutrient support to children in their care.

Mission Romania 2009 Photo Highlights


To celebrate 10 years of impacting children’s lives all around the world, MannaRelief went back to Romania where it all started.