Our Mission

At MannaRelief, we are on a mission to share the love of God by blessing children and people who are at risk around the world by providing advanced immune support designed to improve their health and quality of life.
It all started with the simple act of giving.

In 1997, founders Sam and Linda Caster were financially supporting an orphanage organization based in Romania. When the directors of that organization thanked the Casters for their contribution, they also shared their most significant challenge.

The children they were serving were sick all the time and 30 to 40 children were dying every year from a variety of chronic and infectious diseases.

You could hear the desperation in their voices when the directors said, “If you know anyone that can help us with this problem, please let us know.”

With the world’s most powerful immune optimizing technology (Acemannan) at their fingertips, Sam and Linda donated a one-year supply of this advanced nutritional support.

The results were overwhelming. A year later their caregivers reported that the overall health of their children had dramatically improved and that for the first time in over a decade not one child died in their organization.

Not only did they want another year’s worth of Acemannan, but every organization they were networked within the orphanage world wanted to know how they could also get access to this life-saving nutritional extract.

The Casters founded MannaRelief in 1999 to help meet this demand. Over the next 20 years, 150 million servings of this unique Acemannan extract were provided to children in over 90 countries of the world.

In 2016, one of the original Acemannan patented filers, Dr. Santiago Rodriquez, created a new extracting process that increased the immune optimizing fractions of Acemannan between 400% and 500% per gram. He donated the exclusive rights to this improved Acemannan extract to MannaRelief in support of their global children’s outreach.

Saving Children’s Lives

Malnourishment, Poor Sanitation, Toxicity, and Stress are all major contributors to Immunodeficiency. When children’s immune systems are compromised they become highly susceptible to every kind of infection and disease. A common cold can easily become pneumonia, and exposure to a bacterial or viral infection can become deadly. Over 7 million children a year now die of preventable diseases and infections. In areas of the world where modern medicine good food and living conditions are in short supply, turning on a child’s immune system can be the difference between life and death. Acemannan is nature’s most powerful immune optimizing molecule. The results of Acemannan nutritional support has provided unprecedented quality of life improvements to the world most vulnerable children.

Children can now have access to this new Acemannan product in order to strengthen their immune systems.


Our Global Reach

MannaRelief started with one orphanage in Romania. Eleven years later with thousands of people around the world joining together, we’re addressing the problem of malnutrition for children everywhere.