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Whole Food Nutrition Improves Quality of Food for Children

Our partner, Convoy of Hope, recently sent us this video about the distribution of Whole Food Nutrition in Central America. Through Convoy of Hope, more than 11,000 children in El Salvador and Nicaragua are receiving real food nutrition by way of our nutrient-rich Whole Food Nutrition.

Crisma 2019

Mexico Xperience Trip 2019

HOPE Blend – Vamos Mexico

Fighting Malnutrition in Guatemala with Whole Food Nutrition

Since 2011 MannaRelief has sent more than 1,226,000 servings of our nutrient-rich Whole Food Nutrition to help alleviate the problem of malnutrition in Guatemala.

Whole Food Nutrition Arrives in Rwanda

We are so excited to partner with Children’s Hunger Fund to help these children who desperately need nourishment. We look forward to hearing more about how our real food-based nutrition has impacted the lives of these 5,000 kids.

Whole Food Nutrition Arrives in South Africa

In July 2011, we sent more than 185,000 servings of Whole Food Nutrition to 976 children in South Africa. In just a few short months, children have been given the hope that proper nutrition can provide. Caregivers are blown away by the changes they are seeing in their children.

One Year With Whole Food Nutrition

It’s been an incredible first year with Whole Food Nutrition. So far, we’ve provided more than 6.8 million servings of our revolutionary vitamin and mineral complex to nearly 25,000 children in 25 countries across the globe. We’re looking to do even more in our next year.

Working in Mission, Texas with Buckner International

At the Buckner Community Transformation Center in Mission, Texas, we provide Whole Food Nutrition to families under the poverty level who are in desperate need for proper nutrition.

Providing PhytoBlend powder with Essence of Fitness

Although many may not realize it, children in the United States are also exposed to the devastating effects of undernourishment. On July 19th, we partnered with Deedra Walker to provide enough PhytoBlend powder for two months that will support more than 100 children in a summer program called Essence of Fitness in McKinney, Texas. We sent over a team to help serve food with PhytoBlend powder and to help out with games and fun for the kids. It was an incredible experience and we’re so happy we could help impact children in our community.

Fighting Malnutrition in the Philippines with John Pike

John Pike, Director of ten feeding centers in the Philippines, works extremely hard to provide a meal a day to thousands of children. The meals usually consist of a couple of scoops of rice per child. Despite everything John was doing, he knew he could do better.

Whole Food Nutrition • Vamos México’s First Report

After a few months of using Whole Food Nutrition for the first time, Vamos México reports on the changes they see in the children under their care.

Whole Food Nutrition Arrives in El Salvador • Convoy of Hope

As our partnership kicks off, Convoy of Hope reports from El Salvador with a huge thanks to everyone involved. Thanks to Mannatech, Incorporatedand their Give for Real program, we are able to support 6,000 children El Salvador with proper nutrition.

MannaRelief Partners with Convoy of Hope

MannaRelief partners with Convoy of Hope to reach thousands of children around the world in need of proper nutrition. Our first shipment of more than one million servings of Whole Food Nutrition will serve 6,000 children in El Salvador. 

Fighting Malnutrition in the Philippines

In the beautiful Philippines, one out of every three children between the ages of six and ten is underweight or stunted for their age as a result of malnutrition. The statistic is devastating but we are working to counteract this problem with the help of Whole Food Nutrition.

Touching the World

A glimpse of what MannaRelief accomplished from 1999 through 2007. Founder Linda Caster is also featured.

Mission South Africa 2007

MannaRelief brings nutritional support to orphans across South Africa and Swaziland.