On Saturday and Sunday July 24th-25th, Team Mannatech athletes Angie Orellano-Fisher and Joe Petersen will take part in a 400 mile bike ride from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles to raise money for children around the world. The two athletes were awakened by the shocking statistics they found on malnutrition and decided that it was time they did something to stop this global epidemic. We know first hand that when you find that burning passion inside of you, hardly anything can stand in your way when you know there is something you can do about it.

In Angie’s words:

When I saw an article in the Dallas Weekly March 2010 issue titled “Global Malnutrition: The 21st Century Childhood Plague”, it got my attention and really put perspective on how critical the situation is.

The caption reads ‘What might these two children have in common?’, and shows a picture of two children. One child is obviously from a third world country… very thin, relying on relief foods. The other child is over-weight and addicted to nutritionally deficient snack foods. Unfortunately, this is a trend most of us are following at an alarming rate.

I asked myself, “What can I do to make a difference?” I decided to tap into one of my God given talents and create a fundraiser, teaming up with the very talented Joe Petersen, for a 400 mile bike ride on his tandem.

We should ALL look at ourselves and ask the question, “What can I do to make a difference?” Look at your talents or gifts you’ve been blessed with and give back to help children in need.

PLEASE support our efforts and spread the word. If 1,563 people give $0.16 a mile for a total of $64.00, we will reach our goal of $100,032 to provide nutritional support to children around the world!

And Joe had this to say:

All children deserve a chance to grow and flourish. In our world today, it’s a shame that so many are not given that oppurtunity. We should all do our part to help those who are unable to help themselves. Angie and I are trying to raise awareness, and also contribute to the cause. If we all pitch in and give what we can of our time, energy, and resources, then countless lives can be changed forever.

If a child suffering from malnutrition stood desperately before you, would you turn your back and ignore their pain and suffering? Children are standing before all of us today, right now! These are severely undernourished children, born into a world of poverty through no choice of their own.

Such a small contribution can make a huge difference. We’ve all had times in our lives when someone lent us a helping hand, an encouraging smile, or fulfilled a simple need. Isn’t it time we said “thank you” by carrying on the legacy of love, and giving back to make this world a brighter place for all?

Based off the Spare Change for Real Change campaign, Joe and Angie’s benefit will sponsor a child to receive on-going nutritional support at $0.16 a day, where every mile is another day. 400 miles is a very long distance, but Angie and Joe are committed and passionate to help provide children with the nutritional support they deserve. We encourage everyone to support Angie and Joe! Click here to donate and pledge your sponsorship for Angie and Joe’s 400 mile ride.