In the last couple of months we’ve made a number of new partnerships. These partnerships allow us to distribute nutritional support to children on a daily basis. One partnership in particular is with John Pike who is the Director of ten feeding centers in the Philippines. John explained that most of the children he serves only receive one meal per day, and it’s usually only a couple scoops of rice. Unfortunately, rice has very little nutritional value – most certainly not enough to provide all of the necessary nutrients young children need. John knew this and he was determined to do better. Once he started looking into nutritional solutions, he heard about MannaRelief. We told John about and how easy it is to add to the foods he already prepares. He loved it and knew immediately that it was just what he was looking for.


Today, we’re excited to ship more than 160,000 servings of

whole food nutrition

to John’s feedings centers in the Philippines. While everyone plays their part in making this possible, we couldn’t have done it without you. This is a perfect example of how as little as $0.08 a day can make a huge difference for children in need. We can’t wait to hear back from John in a few months to learn how the support we’re providing today has impacted the children he serves.

Thousands more children still need our help. As little as $0.08 a day will change everything for a child who has nothing. Join us today >