Most of us get things we don’t have much use for on our birthdays, and Winfred of Remscheid, Germany feels the same way. Winfred decided to try something different for his 60th birthday. This year, he asked his friends and family to donate to MannaRelief, instead of giving birthday gifts, to make a difference for children in need.

In Winfred’s words, “Back then, when I was a child, I had harvested potatoes with my tractor and clinger. And now, on my 60th birthday, it’s a honor to be able to collect a "small harvest” for the children’s charity, MannaRelief, to bless children around the world with the nutritional support they deserve.“

Winfred, complete with his fundraising tractor.

Happy Birthday, Winfred! We LOVE the tractor! Thank you so much for your generous and heart-felt support!

The MannaRelief Team