As many of you have heard from media outlets around the world, Haiti has experienced what they consider the most disastrous earthquake in over 200 years. With a magnitude of more than 7.0, the earthquake originated in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The reports are still coming in but most sources agree that destruction is wide-spread and approximately 50,000 lives have been lost.

Quake Destruction

With power-outages, no access to clean water, and an inability to deliver food, the threat of malnutrition is looming more than ever. There are 31 orphanages, over 2,000 children, enrolled in the MannaRelief Blessing program within the country of Haiti. Nine of those orphanages, more than 600 children, are in and around the epicenter of the quake.

When we got word about the quake, our Blessing representatives immediately began contacting our partners in Haiti to check on their safety and well-being. While many remain unreachable, we have been able to obtain updates from 6 orphanages that have joyously reported that the children are safe. On the phone with ‘Love A Child’ orphanage we were told “We are all well, but the kids are so afraid that everyone is sleeping outside the orphanage on the ground, huddled in sheets and blankets”.

Love A Child

In an update from another orphanage, we were told the children were playing soccer in a field outside, miraculously at a time when they would usually be inside, when the quake hit. Their orphanage/school/church was completely destroyed but thankfully the children only had minor scrapes and injuries.

While our representatives continue their efforts to check in with the remaining orphanages in Haiti, we will keep you informed by updating our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Would you please join us in assisting Haitian orphanages enrolled in our program to receive nutritional support during this critical time? We have a special fund set up on our website at where your entire gift will go toward providing advanced nutrition for those children affected by the earthquake.

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