November 6th – 7th, MannaRelief hosted a booth at a national event in Chicago to unveil our new campaign, Spare Change for Real Change. By the end of the event, in just 2 short days, over 200 children were sponsored. These children will now receive the advanced nutrition they need to combat the devastating effects of malnutrition! Also, well over 100 people joined founder Sam Caster in a MannaRelief training session in which the campaign was explained in greater detail, and new, exciting tools were released. Since the launch in Chicago, over 250 additional children have been sponsored due to the excitement being generated in the field, totaling just over 450 children! And this is only the beginning…


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About the Campaign

Spare Change for Real Change is a campaign to raise awareness and funds for children suffering from malnutrition around the world. Five million children die from malnutrition every year. Most grain-based relief foods, designed to fight hunger, are often deficient of the basic nutrients required to keep children healthy. New technologies in nutritional science can now, for the first time, provide malnourished children with ready-to-use chewables that supply natural vitamins and plant-sourced minerals in nutritionally effective amounts. This product is the most nutritionally sound food these children will eat all day.

The Spare Change for Real Change campaign allows anyone to make a difference for just 16¢ a day. Get involved and start helping malnourished children get the nutrients they need.

How You Can Get Started

Join the Spare Change for Real Change campaign at and give 16¢ a day for every child’s life you want to change! Less than $5 a month can change a child’s life forever. Our goal is to connect one million givers to one million malnourished children. Be one of the million that changes a life!

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Don’t Stop There!

Now that you’ve got the idea behind the Spare Change for Real Change Campaign, it’s time to think huge! How many children can you or your network of friends and family sponsor together? Whether it be 10 children, an orphanage, or an entire country, our campaign tools will give you the support you need to accomplish your personal goal. 

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