MannaRelief has brought what we believe, are the best whole-food products to the mission of our long-time partner, Convoy of Hope. MannaRelief recently received a letter from Convoy of Hope expressing their gratitude to MannaRelief for our partnership with them. MannaRelief looks forward to our future with Convoy of Hope as we expand to provide the best nutritional support to children all over the globe.


(Above Picture: “MannaRelief founder, Sam Caster, & former president of Mexico, Vincente Fox, partner with and Convoy of Hope to provide the best whole-food products to children in Liberia.)

October 23, 2014

To our valued partners at MannaRelief,

Thank you for your faithfulness. Our hearts are united in our efforts to not only feed, but also nourish children around the world. The Hope Bars you provided will go to some of the most vulnerable children in Liberia and will help save lives. We believe that MannaRelief’s “whole food”-based products provide the most advanced solution for addressing the issues of malnourishment.

As you know, in response to the Ebola crisis, Convoy of Hope has launched an intensive disaster relief effort to ship and distribute more than 400 tons of desperately-needed food and supplies to West Africa over the next nine months.

Our team in Africa believes that hundreds of thousands of people will die in the coming months without a swift and steady response. We have joined with partner organizations in West Africa to ensure the distribution of food and supplies to more populated communities as well as those located deep in the bush, which are often overlooked.

Together with MannaRelief and EMSquared, Convoy of Hope will create a lasting impact. Again, thank you for your partnership and commitment to help others at a time they need it most.


Hal Donaldson
President and Co-Founder
Convoy of Hope