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Patterning with Vamos México

Children today are faced with the very serious problem of malnutrition. It impacts the lives of roughly 55 million children at any given moment; killing one child every six seconds. In a strategic effort to help end this global epidemic, MannaRelief has partnered with Vamos México to meet the nutritional needs of thousands of orphans and children in Mexico.

MannaRelief is working with Vamos México to provide children with a synthetic free, multivitamin and mineral complex called Whole Food Nutrition. Whole Food Nutrition is a whole food technology solution that can help provide children with their daily nutritional needs and, most importantly, help combat the devastating effects of malnutrition.

On September 11, 2010, former President Vicente Fox and First Lady Marta Sahagún de Fox, founders of Vamos México, joined Sam and Linda Caster, founders of MannaRelief, to announce the unique partnership. Vamos México currently supports more than 70 orphanages. Initially, MannaRelief will supply enough Whole Food Nutrition for 5,000 children on an on-going basis. Sam and Linda say they are committed to providing enough of the nutrient-dense powder for every child supported by Vamos México.

Sam formally toured several of Vamos México’s orphanages in September of 2010 and personally presented Whole Food Nutrition to caregivers to explain its benefits and use. “It’s hard enough to find decent, edible food for all three meals of the day for dozens of children at a time. Making those meals nutritious and healthy for the human body is a different story. That’s where we think the nutrient-dense powder will make the biggest impact” says Mr. Caster. Since Whole Food Nutrition is synthetic free and contains nutrients from natural plant sources, children can now get standardized and nutritionally effective amounts of vitamins and minerals from whole food technology solutions in a way that has never been possible before. Its powder form makes it flexible in use, providing a practical and easy way to make any meal nutritious. The ready-to-use powder complex can be added to virtually any meal, and with a serving size of 0.75 grams (0.23 teaspoons), children will hardly realize they are eating a nutritious meal. Caregivers at Vamos México orphanages are impressed with the product and say they are excited to see the effects it will have on the children in their care.

All funding and delivery of Whole Food Nutrition will be taken care of by MannaRelief, leaving the caregivers of these orphanages to do what they do best, take care of the children. Sam says “fighting malnutrition is no easy task. Our initial shipment of Whole Food Nutrition for 5,000 children in Mexico is only the beginning of our nutritional relief efforts for Mexico’s children.”