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Whole Food Nutrition Improves Quality of Food for Children

Our partner, Convoy of Hope, recently sent us this video about the distribution of Whole Food Nutrition in Central America. Through Convoy of Hope, more than 11,000 children in El Salvador and Nicaragua are receiving real food nutrition by way of our nutrient-rich Whole Food Nutrition.

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Fighting Malnutrition in the Philippines

In the beautiful Philippines, one out of every three children between the ages of six and ten is underweight or stunted for their age as a result of malnutrition. The statistic is devastating but we are working to counteract this problem with the help of Whole Food Nutrition.

Fighting Malnutrition in Guatemala with Whole Food Nutrition

Since 2011 MannaRelief has sent more than 1,226,000 servings of our nutrient-rich Whole Food Nutrition to help alleviate the problem of malnutrition in Guatemala.

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Mexico 2012

Mexico 2012

On August 16-19, we traveled to Mexico with a team of volunteers to tour the facilities of Vamos México. Children under the care of Vamos México have been receiving our nutrient dense Whole Food Nutrition since 2010 and we were incredibly amazed to see and hear their stories.

Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador

Visiting With Convoy of Hope in El Salvador

In the beginning of 2011, we committed to provide 6,000 children in El Salvador with Whole Food Nutrition through our partner Convoy of Hope. In September, we went to visit to see how adding essential vitamins and minerals into their diets has improved their quality of life.

We believe in the future of El Salvador’s children and we greatly appreciate our partnership with Convoy of Hope to distribute proper nutrition across the country.