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Mission Haiti Reports

2008 March 14th - 20th

Mission Report

In March 2008, MannaRelief took an 11 person team on its first trip to Haiti. The team members ranged in age from 16 to 62. During the week long mission trip they managed to visit 7 orphanages and touched the lives of over 450 children. With the love of God they delivered dietary supplements and gifts, including over 2,550 bottles of GlycoBears, 25 bottles of MannaBears and 25 tubs of Ambrotose.

The Haiti mission trip was a life-changing experience for both the orphans and the team members. The children were overjoyed when the team arrived and their faces lit up with excitement when the team handed out the dietary supplements and interacted with them. The team members had several opportunities to minister to the children by singing songs and performing Bible stories with the help of puppets.

Team members said, “MannaRelief Mission trips are the most rewarding and life-changing experiences they could ever have.” We would like to invite you to experience one of these amazing, life-changing mission trips with us. Find out more on our Missions page.

Mission Schedule

March 14 – The Missions team arrived in Haiti and had orientation.
 March 15 – The team was able to visit two orphanages: B471 Mother Theresa’s Center with160 children and in the afternoon we visited B668 Maison des Enfants de Dieu with 78 children. Mother Theresa’s Center had a great impact on the team due to the severity of their malnutrition.
March 16 – We had the opportunity to visit our translator Son Laury’s church, while one   of the team members preached the gospel to the Haitians. After the church service we went to B339 Haiti Rescue Mission with 67 children, and then headed to B285 Love a Child with 67 children.
March 17 – Today the team visited B272 Heartline Ministries with 20 children.
March 18 – Today the team visited B24 Children of Hope with 27 children.
March 19 – A day of local sightseeing, the team stayed for the day and night at a local resort on the beach and took a boat ride to a small island and swam in the ocean.
March 20 – While we departed for the USA, our translator dropped off the dietary supplements to B111 Lespinasse Orphanage with 14 children.
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