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The Blessing Program

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The Blessing Program

Getting proper and sufficient nutrients in the first few years of life is critical for proper childhood development. Up to one half of all childhood deaths in the world are related to malnutrition.1 Global relief organizations like Doctors Without Borders have called for the development of nutritionally dense, ready-to-use food products to supply to children in need.

Recent advancements in hydroponically grown vegetables are an example of how modern science can provide new sources of standardized, plant-sourced nutrients that can help children get nutritionally effective levels of essential vitamins and minerals from real food sources.


Since 1999 MannaRelief has been providing proper nutritional support to malnourished children all around the world. Over the last 15 years MannaRelief has been able to provide more than 41,700,000 servings of proper nutritional support to over 240,000 children worldwide in nearly 90 countries including Canada, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, North Korea, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, and the United States.

Through the Blessing program, children who do not have access to foods filled with nutritious value can receive the vitamins and minerals their diet is lacking and their bodies need. What makes MannaRelief unique is that while most vitamins and supplements are synthetically made, the vitamins MannaRelief provides are made from real food and plants, making them more soluble for the body to absorb.

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