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The Boy Who Cried Like A Little Lamb

A touching story from the Director of ‘Casa Shalom’, Becky Dan Walsh, a life-giving partner in Bucharest, Romania. Becky writes: “It was 1998 and we heard about two little children living in a terrible situation. They were abandoned by their mother....

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Spare Change in Action

In June of 2009, a team of volunteers traveled to Romania to deliver an 8-month supply of nutritional supplements to hundreds of children. It was an incredible success! However, by February 2010, when the supplements were due to run out, Romania would be in the middle...

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HAITI UPDATE: Signs of Hope

Picking up from our last update, the aftershock left survivors with an increased fear of their safety in the already shattered buildings. Aftershocks are expected to continue throughout the next few weeks, possibly even months, resulting in mass crowds of people...

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HAITI UPDATE: The Search Continues

Since our last update, we have continued our efforts to reach our partners and orphanages in Haiti to confirm their well-being. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to reach any additional orphanages, but we aren’t giving up hope! We are still in daily...

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Earthquake in Haiti

As many of you have heard from media outlets around the world, Haiti has experienced what they consider the most disastrous earthquake in over 200 years. With a magnitude of more than 7.0, the earthquake originated in Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti. The reports...

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