Current events and inspiring stories from around the world.

A Special Thank You to Atsuko Ghaemi

MannaRelief would like to take a moment and thank one of our dedicated friends, Atsuko Ghaemi. Atsuko, on behalf of MannaRelief, thank you for showing the love of Jesus to the children of Japan. Because of your years of selfless hard work in making sure the children...

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A Special Thank You to Mabel van Schalkwyk

MannaRelief would like to take a moment to give a special thanks to our friend, Mabel van Schalkwyk! Mabel, thank you for your years of selfless devotion to the children and mission of MannaRelief. We are blessed to have you as our contact in South Africa. Thank you...

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More Than Rice and Beans

Repost from The Global Orphan Project:  A quick Google search reveals that an estimated 16,000 people (mostly children) die every day due to hunger. A recent spike in food prices has only exacerbated the crisis. Forget the chart. We’ve seen the need in the hungry eyes...

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Quick Glance at 2012

Here at MannaRelief, we imagine a world where malnutrition is no longer an issue for children of all ages in every nation. Our goal is to supply 5 million children with proper nutritional support. Despite difficult economic times, we have held fast over the last year,...

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Stories From the Staff

Latest from the Hope program Aaron, who is thirteen years old, has been in the Hope program for 4 years. He recently took an evaluation test and scored as high as someone graduating college! Nathan, six years old, used to be terrified of water. Mom tells us he...

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Impacting Romania: Three Years of Consistent Support

Three years ago we visited with Caregivers and Orphanages across Romania who see first-hand the effects malnutrition can have on young children. Thousands of children in Romania receive less than three servings of fruits and vegetables a year. And because poverty...

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