Blessing representative, Genesis Lee, came into the MannaRelief staff meeting last Friday morning with excitement all over. She had just finished a phone call with Blake Wagner.

Here’s what Blake had to say:

When Jesus told his disciples to feed the multitude with only a boy’s lunch, a small loaf of bread and a handful of dried fish, they must have thought something like, “Okay, we’ll give it a go but there’s no way this is happening.” Those were pretty much my thoughts when I called my friend and Mannatech associate Bette Kitt to ask if there might be a way she could help get us some high quality, nutritional supplements for an upcoming mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

By grace, I run a small non-profit neighborhood-based mission service organization with multiple long term outreaches in the Dominican Republic. To say that money is always an issue is an understatement. One of the greatest issues we face is supplementing the diets of malnourished children and adults. For the past several years we have been blessed by large donations of product from different nutritional products companies but due to the current economy our donors have not been able to give.

I have had a fair bit of exposure to Mannatech’s products in the past, unfortunately we could not really afford what we needed to supplement the scores of malnourished, ill Haitian and Dominican children we see weekly in our free clinic and day orphanage. Bette called me back and told me about MannaRelief. She shared the prices and I realized there was just “no way”, but promised to pray on it and call our in-country doctor for advice. While speaking to the doctor I saw a message come in from Bette to give her a call ASAP. Our in-county medical staff agreed that we could not treat more than a few with the small amount of product we could afford, end of story.. or so I thought. When I rang Bette she told me that MannaRelief had called her back with an offer to donate 30,000 servings of nutritional support!

I always tell my mission team when we are waiting and trusting on the Lord to provide the ton of donated supplies we take on each trip, “He will give us exactly what we need to do exactly what He wants.” From the hands and hearts of Mannatech associates and MannaRelief supporters, He has indeed turned what little we have into exactly what He wants us to share with those who need it so much. Blessings to each and every one of you for your part in this through MannaRelief.

We feel especially privileged to have the opportunity to provide Blake and his organization with nutritional support that will impact the lives of children in the Dominican Republic!

MannaRelief staff preparing Blake’s shipment.