Every Friday our staff shares stories and reports that impacted them throughout the week. These are stories or reports from parents, relatives, or guardians of children in the Hope program and also Caregivers and partners in the Blessing program. Some are good reports and some are heartbreaking cries for help. Starting today, we want to share them with the world.

Latest from the Hope program

For so many children in the Hope program, everyday life can be a struggle. These are children under doctor’s care, and for some, it’s been this way their entire lives. All of them have one thing in common: They’re looking for hope. That’s where the Hope program comes in. By providing children under doctor’s care with an integrative approach to health, we can help their body’s normal functions for repair and assist in the regeneration of healthy cells.

  • Hannah is eight years old and has been in the Hope program since 2004. She has been behind her classmates in school most of her life. This week her mother says she has caught up with all of the children in her class and was even able to run eight laps in gym class.
  • Anna is thirteen years old and has been in the Hope program since 2005. Her mother asks that we pray that her upcoming surgery goes well and also for the doctors and staff.
  • Hadley is six years old and has been in the Hope program since 2005. Hadley wasn’t expected to live past the age of two. Her doctor’s continue to be impressed with her health and this week her mother says she is doing incredible.

Latest from the Blessing program

  • Burkina Faso is currently going through a time of unrest. Police and military, which are meant to work together, are actually fighting against each other. Schools are being pulled into the mix and students are getting hurt. To protect children, schools were forced to shut down for five weeks. One of our partners in Burkina Faso, Yako, has 51 children and they have reported that they are safe but are too close to the battles for comfort. They’ve asked us to keep them and Burkina Faso in prayer.

    In January, we sent more than 13,000 servings of whole food nutrition to Burkina Faso for Yako’s 51 children. They say that mixing the blend in with their foods has been a breeze and most recently added it to spaghetti (photo below). They told us that they are very grateful to have proper nutritional support to provide for children in their care.

We hope you enjoyed the first post of this series. Be sure to check back every week for more inspiring stories and the latest updates from the Hope and Blessing programs.