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Here at MannaRelief, we imagine a world where malnutrition is no longer an issue for children of all ages in every nation. Our goal is to supply 5 million children with proper nutritional support. Despite difficult economic times, we have held fast over the last year, working towards our vision as we continue to provide essential nutrients to children all over the globe. We know that food is not enough—that’s why we’re adamant about seeing our vision become a reality.

2012 Highlights

  • Sent more than 5,690,049 servings of nutritional support to kids all over the globe.
  • Traveled to Mexico with a team of volunteers to tour the facilities of Vamos México where we had previously sent more than 300,000 servings of proper nutritional support.
  • Sent proper nutritional support to South Africa, providing nutritional support to more than 3,000 kids.
  • Partnered with Children’s Hunger Fund, supplying 5,000 kids in Rwanda with proper nutritional support.
  • Sent a total of 1,280,064 servings of proper nutritional support to North Korea.
  • Expanded from serving nutritional support to 3,000 kids in Guatemala to serving 5,000 kids through our partnership with RU4Children.
  • Sent more than 1,500,000 servings of proper nutritional support to nearly 9,000 children in the Philippines, Honduras, and El Salvador through our partnership with Convoy of Hope.

Our Hope program continues to flourish by providing integrative health support to children under the age of 19 who are currently under a doctor’s care. This year, the Hope program sent more than 2,186,000 servings of nutritional support to nearly 5,000 medically fragile children throughout the world. Some of our highlights include providing 216,987 servings of proper nutritional support to children in Australia, 245,111 servings to children in Canada, 290,321 servings for children in Japan, and more than 1,350,000 servings to children in the United States. In addition to these countries we also sent nutritional support to Costa Rica, Mexico, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, and the United Kingdom.


2012 treated MannaRelief well but we are expectant and hopeful to see bigger and better things in 2013! As always, we are always accepting donations of any amount as either one-time gifts or recurring gifts. Visit us at to give today. We’ll keep you posted on exciting happenings as we venture into this New Year!