You never know where an opportunity will lead you, so a word of advice: When opportunity knocks, always take time to open the door and introduce yourself. MannaRelief had no idea what was in store when we made a simple follow-up call to a local Texas couple. During a recent outreach, the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Faught, found themselves in the company of the president of the Republic of Burundi in Eastern Africa. Without hesitating, the Faught’s saw a relationship with the president and his wife as a great opportunity.

The president’s schedule would have him in Dallas soon and the Faught’s were asked if they would be willing to set up meetings with reputable organizations in Dallas that may be able to help the growing country of Burundi. They accepted the task and began their search immediately upon their return to Dallas.

Burundi is a small country in Eastern Africa with a history of violence and poverty. However, the country has seen peace for the first time in years since President Pierre Nkurunziza’s election to office in 2005. With peace at hand in the country, the president desires to see his people flourish in health and finances. With the president’s hopes in mind, the Faught’s contacted MannaRelief. According to the World Food Programme, over 56% of the children in Burundi are chronically malnourished. What better organization to meet this need than MannaRelief?

After many hours of planning, visits from the Secret Service and preparation, on September 27th, MannaRelief welcomed the Faught’s and the President and First Lady of Burundi to our facility in Grand Prairie, Texas. Our Founders Sam and Linda Caster joined them and had the opportunity to share the vision of MannaRelief and how whole food nutrition can meet the needs of the malnourished children of Burundi.

The opportunity to partner with Burundi and President Pierre Nkurunziza is a divine appointment and we are honored to help tackle malnutrition across their country. As our partnership grows, we need your support to help the children of Burundi. $0.08 a day is all it takes to change the life of a child. Donate today >