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The MannaRelief Hope program was designed to provide the best
integrative health support to children under the age of 19 who are
currently under a doctor's care.

An integrative approach to health care seeks to combine the
best conventional medical practices with the best complementary
strategies to produce the most tangible patient benefits. It does not
serve as a replacement or alternative to standard of care treatment,
but works synergistically to provide additional benefits to the patient.
Standard of care medical practices are designed to treat or manage
specific disease conditions. For example, many pharmaceutical drugs
alter physiological functions or inhibit biochemical pathways in the body
to address disease conditions. Nutritional supplements, on the other hand,
are designed to support the body’s normal functions for repair and the
regeneration of healthy cells.

More than 9,000 children have participated in the Hope program.

At the core of our strategy for integrative health are the discovery and development of a new category of nutrients, called glyconutrients. Glyconutrients provide a unique set of nutritional building blocks for supporting the body’s normal recovery processes. Research has shown that glyconutrients can support the various functions of the immune system that are necessary to help achieve best patient outcomes.



of children reported improvement from an integrative health strategy


of children reported no change

Results from over 5,000 Quality of Life Improvement Surveys

Sponsorship and Funding

The Hope program works hand-in-hand with sponsors in providing nutritional products to children in need. This program runs for a six-month period. After the first six months, sponsors may renew their participation in the program.

Sponsorship can come from many different sources such as parents, family, friends, coworkers, churches, schools, local businesses and fundraising efforts. Donations can be made by check, credit card or electronic bank withdrawal. We offer auto-renewal for those sponsoring by credit card or electronic bank withdrawal. Generally, donations for sponsorship are tax deductible.


United States (USD)


for six months


for six month supply


Canada (USD)


for six months


for six month supply


Australia/New Zealand (USD)


for six months


for six month supply


International (USD)


for six months


for six month supply

Pricing is subject to change without notice.


During the six month program each child receives three shipments, one shipment every two months, which includes a 60 day supply of nutritional support. All nutritional products are shipped directly to the child's address and may only be consumed by the child enrolled in the Hope program.

MannaRelief only ships to US and Canadian contacts and addresses. If the recipient lives in a country other than the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa, someone within the US or Canada must be responsible for receiving the product from MannaRelief and then shipping the product to the child and their country of residence.


If you believe your child or a child you know can benefit from an integrative health strategy, enroll them today.

Apply Online >Download PDF >

You can also call us at 817-557-8700 and a Hope
representative will assist you.


Your sponsorship will provide a child with nutritional products for Integrative Health support.

Sponsoring a specific child and don’t remember their Hope ID? Call us at 817-557-8700 and a representative will assist you.



Progress reports are due every six months describing the current condition of the children. Photos of the children are also encouraged.

Submit Online >Download PDF >


Download brochures and other materials designed to promote the Hope program and help fundraise for children in need of sponsorship.

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