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Mission Romania Reports

2009 June 9th - 18th

To celebrate MannaRelief’s 10 years of impacting children’s’ lives all around the world, MannaRelief put together a volunteer team and went back to Romania where it all started. From June 9 – 18, the team traveled across Romania, through six major cities, and delivered nutritional products to 8 orphanages that will help support the children in their care. With your support, we were able to provide advanced nutrition that will impact over 900 children. MannaRelief is so proud to join hands and partner with so many life-giving organizations in Romania to provide a better quality of life for orphans and children in need.


We want to thank everyone for the prayer and support we received. Mission Romania 2009 was a huge success!


June 9   Left origin for London Heathrow airport for layover.
June 10   In flight and arrived in Bucharest, Romania at 4:20 P.M.
June 11   Delivered 480 GlycoBears and 53 tubs of Ambrotose to House of Angels in Gaesti that cares for 40 children. Traveled to Christian Association for Children’s EDU & Community in Gaiseni to deliver 600 bottles of GlycoBears and 37 tubs of Ambrotose to 150 children.
June 12   Traveled to first Gypsy Camp, Romanian Kids Ministry, to deliver 600 Glycobears that will support 300 children.
June 13   Toured Bran-Dracula’s Castle and traveled to Cluj.
June 14   Attended church service and traveled to second Gypsy Camp to deliver over 1,400 bottles of GlycoBears and 50 tubs of Ambrotose that will support 190 children.
June 15   Delivered 250 bottles of GlycoBears and 4 tubs of Ambrotose to Livada Orphan Care that supports 37 children. Dropped off 200 GlycoBears for Under FAF / PataRat that will help support 17 children. Traveled to Bread of Life to deliver 600 bottles of GlycoBears and 40 tubs of Ambrotose that will support 90 children.
June 16   Traveled to Casa Shalom in Bucharest to deliver 900 GlycoBears and 45 tubs of Ambrotose for 81 children.
June 17   Toured Bucharest.
June 18   Left Romania to return home.


Check out some photos taken on the mission in Romania!

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